The Region's Leader in Real Estate Education
The Region's Leader in Real Estate Education
The Region's Leader in Real Estate Education
The Region's Leader in Real Estate Education

New Jersey Real Estate Classes

Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy is the pre-eminent source of real estate education courses in New Jersey. We go beyond the state requirements and provide our students with exactly what they need to succeed and sustain in the Real Estate Industry.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent in New Jersey has never been easier, thanks to Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy.

Real Estate Classes

Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy offers top-notch pre-license classes for individuals looking to start a career in the real estate industry. 
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Real Estate Broker Classes

At Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy, we offer exceptional real estate broker classes to help individuals take their careers to the next level.
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Real Estate Designation Classes

Our designation courses cover a range of topics such as luxury home marketing, commercial real estate, property management, and more. 
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Real Estate Continuing Education

The keys to success in today’s Real Estate profession are not only knowledge and innovation—but also making a wise decision about your professional education—day one. 
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Customer Reviews

Just passed state exam on the first try, THANK YOU Fred and Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy!Fred and Bethann are patient and very knowledgeable instructors. They shared real-life scenarios and visuals to help students understand the contents better. Fred genuinely cares about his students success. Outstanding school – Highly recommend going through their courses. Thanks again Fred!
Excellent school, very knowledgeable & highly experienced instructors and a great learning experience overall. I had absolutely no background or experience in real estate other than the feverish signing of documents during my own home closing 11 years ago. Now thanks to this class, I passed my exam on the first attempt and I'm well on my way to an exciting new chapter in my life. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to get into real estate.
I recently finished a 3 week class with Fred and Beth, from the startI felt so over whelmed with the thought of failing since I've been out of school for so, but with Fred and Beth they constructed they're class peace of mind and explained in a manner that was needed to pass the class and the state exam. as a result our entire class passed his class and you can too. just make sure your in class and pay attention and work together in class and you will do great
Fred and his team of experts make the learning process easy and enjoyable. They provide you with all the credentials and information needed to get the most knowledge to pass your state exam the first time. Thanks for all your help guys and thank you ELITE ADVANTAGE REAL ESTATE ACADEMY!!
I recently had the pleasure of attending a 3 week prelicense class with Fred and BethAnne. Both instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and take pride in making sure everyone comprehend the material. Thank you two for the partnership and professionalism!! My experience was enjoyable and I finish the course prepared to take the state test. I highly recommend Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient program. Thanks again Fred and BethAnne!
I HIGHLY recommended going to this school if you wanna pursue real estate. The team of instructors are absolutely amazing in the way they help the students. I passed my exam first try and it’s all thanks to this school. I will recommend them to anyone moving forward.
Excellent instructors in Fred and Bethann , I haven’t been in school in about 21 years and they did a great job with the curriculum and a way to learn it. There is a reason why they have a high graduation rate. I highly recommend going to this school
I started 02.13.23 and completed and passed both exams 3.01.23 was a great place to start my journey!! Fred and Beth were so so helpful their technique of teaching really helped me! And trust me I’ve never been a good test taker they made it so easy and imbedded into my head of all the important facts I needed to remember. I will definitely be in there refresher courses and I’m so thankful for them! Thank you so much!Desiree A.
EAREA is the best way to embark on your journey to become a real estate agent. Fredrick, Bethann and the rest of the team are some of the most phenomenal educators I have ever come across. They ensure that each individual student understand each concept along with helping them every step of the way through the rigorous process of obtaining your license. You sign up for their course and you can forget all your worries because they ensure their students are fully comprehending all aspects of the process as they help guide us through it. Love the team, loved attending class and they allowed me to start my dream journey as a Realtor.
If you are looking to get you're NJ Real Estate License then the Elite Advantage RE Academy is the school for you. I completed the school in November and just passed my exam yesterday. Fred is amazing as an instructor. Very clear on what we needed to focus on and made it entertaining and relatable by telling stories. Thank you guys!!!!!
After 30 years away from RE, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this class but I was pleasantly surprised!Fred and his support educator, Beth Ann, are phenomenal teachers: knowledgeable and gifted in the craft of NJ Real Estate! If you’re ready to learn, they’re ready to teach you! Lazy students: Stay Home! Prepare to apply yourself….read, study, grow! You’ll extract what you invest! Highly recommend!!!!
Great school to learn entry level knowledge. Instructors are highly qualified with education and experience and guide you through the learning process and also once you pass, help you with the application process of fingerprinting and taking the state exam. This course is worth EVERY penny to help you with your goal of becoming a Real Estate sales person and their TOTAL support and guidance is unmatched.
Just finished a 10 week class through Elite Advantage. Fred and his team of instructors were absolutely phenomenal in preparing us for the state exam. They took the time to explain and answer every detail or question the class had. I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in pursuing the field of real estate. Thank you Elite Advantage!
Fred and the team at Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy are superb. By enrolling and participating in their three-week online New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson class, you will leave with the knowledge and tools to past the state test. Plus, chances are you will enjoy the process courtesy of the teaching methods used. I imagine the sentiment holds true for the other course lengths they offer.
I recently finished Fred's class. it is a great course I would definitely recommend it. he does a great job prepping you for the exam. I passed the first time easily.
I just finished my course at Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy. The class was very informative and engaging. Dr. Fred, the instructor, was very knowledgeable and helpful in making real estate make sense. With day and evening classes available, Elite made learning about real estate convenient, too. I recommend anyone interested in getting into real estate to take this course.
Starting a online classes is easier than ever . I was browsing in my Facebook one day and I came across to one of the advertisement about Elite Real Estate Advantages Academy. I click on the web link and I read all the informations and I decided to enroll in one of the evening classes . I’ve been wanting to do real estate a long long time ago but I was hesitant because of my full time retail hours. I retired last year 2021 and it has been a year now and I kind a bored and wanted to do something . I found the school Elite Advantage Academy that will fulfill my dream to become a Real estate agent one day. I was amazed how zoom classes really helps me out in my aspiration to become a salesperson . Fredrick Buechler was such a funny and a good instructor. He make sure that I and all in his class understands all the rules and regulations to become a sales agent. He was so easy to talk too, and he helps all the students to achieved their goals to become a good good salesperson. I could say that Elite Real estate Advantage Academy was a great school to begin with if you think you like to become Real estate agent salesperson or even a broker . I will highly recommend Fredrick Buechler and Elite Real Estate Advagtage Academy for your real estate education and school . 👍😍
Fred is the absolute best! He has so much knowledge and experience in the field and gets his students excited about real estate. He prepares you to pass the real estate exam. 100% recommend!
The instructor interacts with us students which makes it so much more intriguing. It’s no boring lesson. And also offers you to chime in to future classes when you seem to be having trouble or just a refresher. Thankful I chose this school over the others!
I am so glad I took my classes with Fred and the Elite Team. Each instructor provided real life experiences and gave us great tips and resources to help remember key terminology and statues. I was able to pass my test on the first try!!

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