Why Choose a Career in Real Estate?

Independence, you control your career path and income level by setting your own goals & time frames. YOU are your own boss, continually interacting with people, helping families find their dream home and providing valuable services to your community.

What’s The Flexibility of School Hours?

You decide how many hours you can devote to developing your career. Working with focus and direction can make you more money in less time.

What’s The Earning Potential of A Real Estate Agent?

Agents generally earn a commission of 1.5% to 3% of the sale price of a property. Agents frequently assist in both the sale of the current home & the purchase of a new home for each client, doubling the potential commission. For example, if an agent sold a couple’s $300,000 home, he or she would typically earn at least $4,500 on that sale. If that couple then purchased another property for their growing family for $370,000, the agent would earn another $5,550…totaling over $10,000 in commission from just one client. An agent closing one deal like that a month would earn over $120,000 per year!

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