Real Estate School in Deptford, NJ

Whether you’re looking to start a new and exciting life in the world of real estate, or you’re looking to hone your skills or gain a new certification, we’re ready for you. The Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy is your real estate school in Deptford, NJ! Our Gloucester County location is a short drive away from you, and we’ll educate you in this exciting field and put you on a path to real estate success!

Helping You Succeed in Real Estate…Our Courses

Elite Advantage teaches a wide variety of real estate skills to both present and future Realtors in Deptford, including:

Pre-Licensing Courses. Ready to begin a new career as a Realtor? Our 75-hour introductory course can help you gain all of the skills you need and pass the real estate exam. We’ll teach you about all of the different aspects of real estate. You’ll learn about agency, contracts, title, methods of ownership, appraisals, discrimination laws and more. When you need re-certification, we offer a 15-hour class for that too.

Broker Classes. If you’re interested in acquiring a broker’s license, you need to complete at least 150 hours of education in the field. You can do it all at Elite Advantage…we teach the 90-hour basic course, the 30-hour agency and ethics course, and the 30-hour broker management course. We’ll make sure that you’re aware of all of the requirements, and that you can stay compliant.

Continuing Education. Our re-education classes are among the best in the South Jersey region. We provide distance education through Career WebSchool, making it easy for you to keep and re-certify yourself as much as you need to!

Designations. Our instructors have over 40 years of combined experience teaching designations. We’ll provide a thorough grounding for you in short sales and foreclosures, real estate investing, mastering the CMA and so much more. (You can view our designation courses here.)

Elite Advantage Is Your Real Estate School in Deptford, NJ – Class Is In Session Now!

Whatever your goals in the field of real estate, whether it’s to get started or improve your skills, reach out to us today. Let us be your real estate school in Deptford – we’ll give you all of the tools you need to succeed!