Real Estate School in Swedesboro, NJ

If your career and life are at a crossroads, and you’d like to start, expand, or enhance your career in real estate, choose a top rated school to help you succeed! At Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy, we’re your destination for a real estate school in Swedesboro, NJ. You’re just minutes away from our location in Sewell, and we can help you gain the skills you need to truly thrive in your real estate career!

Your Successful Real Estate Future…Courses We Offer

At Elite Advantage, we offer a selection of courses that cover every aspect of real estate in your area, including:

Pre-Licensing Courses. When you’re just starting out in the exciting field of real estate, we can help you hit the ground running. With our 75-hour introductory course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start off right. We’ll give you the knowledge to pass the licensing exam, of course. We’ll also teach you all you need to know about contracts, titles, methods of ownership, appraisals and much more. And when you need re-certification, we offer a 15-hour refresher course.

Broker Classes. Interested in acquiring a broker license? Brokerage certification requires a minimum of 150 hours of training. At Elite, we provide all of it, from the 90-hour basic course to the 30-hour agency and ethics and the 30-hour broker management courses. You can become and stay compliant through our curriculum, and we review all of the necessary requirements with you as needed.

Continuing Education. Anytime you want or need to go beyond the basics, we make it possible for you. You can even learn remotely in many cases, with our Career WebSchool format. With Elite Advantage, there’s no limit to how successful you can become!

Designations. We have instructors on staff that have 40-plus years of combined experience in teaching for designations. Learn as much as you need about foreclosure resources, real estate investments in New Jersey, master the CMA and much more. (See the full list of our designation courses here.)

Class Is In Session – We’re Your Answer For A Real Estate School in Swedesboro!

Whether you’re just beginning an exciting career in real estate, or want to build on your existing career, Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy is your destination for a top real estate school in the Swedesboro area. Reach out to us today to get started…we’ll put you on the path to success!