Meghan Markle Is Decorating Her Nursery With What?! A Sneak Peek

Meghan Markle Is Decorating Her Nursery With What?! A Sneak Peek

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s baby isn’t even here yet, but the royal tot is already shaking things up, based on what the mom-to-be is adding to the nursery.

It’s all part of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s larger plans to renovate their new home, Frogmore Cottage, a building on the grounds of Windsor Castle, outside London,and roughly under an hour’s drive from Kensington Palace. Meghan is slated to give birth this spring, so they’d better hurry up! And it turns out plenty of news has already leaked on how the nursery will look. Here’s what we’ve heard she’s including so far.

Vegan paint
Elle reports that baby Sussex will be treated to a nursery decked out in vegan paint. Um, raise your hand if you knew that paint contains animal byproducts. Anyone? Anyone? Well, for those concerned about the health effects of paints with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the most popular alternative is paint made with casein, a milk protein. But that won’t do for Meghan, an ardent vegan.

That’s why she’s reportedly using the British paint manufacturers The Organic & Natural Paint Company, which produces three different types of vegan paint that do not contain this offending ingredient.

Built-in aromatherapy
Meghan’s paint pick is not only vegan, it’s infused with eucalyptus and rosemary oils. These don’t just smell nice—they are also said to enhance the immune system. Who knows if that’s true, but it’s understandable that Meghan would do whatever she can to keep this infant from catching the sniffles.

A neutral color scheme
As for what color paint, royal correspondent Katie Nicholl told “Entertainment Tonight,” “Don’t expect to see any baby pink or baby blue. Apparently, it’s going to be a monochrome palette—whites and grays, I’m told, will be the color theme for baby Sussex’s nursery.”

One possible reason for this neutral color scheme is that, according to Nicholl, the couple have decided not to find out the sex of the baby in advance. Or maybe they just hate the idea of using pink or blue or any overly vivid hues just because it’s the baby’s room. Who said babies can’t like gray, too?

In any case, if you’re tempted to borrow from Meghan’s nursery plan and try vegan paint, you’re in luck! Organic & Natural Paint Company ships overseas, and a gallon of their natural wood paint is about $34.50. If you’d prefer to stick to dealers closer to home, Vegan Design even offers “eco-friendly” vegan paint for $45 per gallon.

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